Sustainably ensuring your comfort.

Our roots go back to the year 1977, when the window department of L. Oberholzer AG in Schönenberg began manufacturing high-quality plastic windows under its own brand SwissStarFenster® with great success. In the year 2008, the window department was transferred to the newly founded stock company SwissStarFenster AG, and sold to Biberbau AG in Biberbrugg.

The management has been performed by Marcel Hug since the start. In 2009, the development of the new AL3 aluminium window began, and in 2012 its own state-of-the-art production line in Niederbüren. Continuing this line of development, the production of the plastic windows was concentrated at the facility of the parent company in Biberbrugg at the start of 2015.

Our aim is for our high-quality products and services to make us a valued partner for retailers, architects, planners and principals, domestically and internationally. In bright production facilities, our employees work daily on state-of-the-art systems and machines to achieve optimal quality at competitive prices. Thanks to the clear, streamlined organisation of our business, we have succeeded in optimising our decision-making processes and procedures. Clearly defined competencies and responsibilities guarantee our customers quality and adherence to schedule.